Mendidik bayi dalam rahim :)

21 Sep

​Biar cuti gw lebih bermanfaat.. skalian posting kutipan dr buku yang dibaca yaa.. πŸ™‚ sekalian buat self reminder.. :p

Jadii.. menurut Mahfan, Spd dalam bukunya ‘Inspirasi nama anak islami’ yang kita beli untuk nyiapin nama debay.. (dalam buku2 spt ini juga biasanya ada ilmu2 tambahan buat kita calon ortu :)), ini tips2 untuk mendidik bayi sejak dalam rahim.. Bismillah.. (karena memang pastinya kita mengharapkan generasi yang baik, sholeh/sholehah, berkualitas, cerdas, dsb kan.. )

  • Perbanyak doa
  • Perbanyak amal sholeh (termasuk yang sunah)
  • Membacakan dan memperdengarkan Alquran
  • Upayakan selalu happy
  • Selalu berpikir positif
  • Mengendalikan emosi
  • Penuhi kebutuhan nutrisi
  • Perhatian penuh pada kandungan
  • Membiasakan akhlak terpuji
  • Mengajak bayi bicara/ komunikasi
  • Hindari diri dari konsumsi makanan, minuman buruk dan haram

hehe.. dari poin di atas tandanya kalau ingin keturunannya baik brarti harus mulai dari memperbaiki diri kita yaa.. jadi pribadi yang lebih baik, rajin ibadah,  dan melakukan hal2 baik, makin positif dan menghindari hal hal yang kurang baik… smogaaa debay bisa jadi motivasi untuk kita (calon ortu) jadi lebih baik lagi… Bismillah… aamiin..


Real love

25 Jul

Hi lil f..
what’s up dear? I wish you always feel comfortable inside there…
now that you’ve already reach one kilo and got mommy bigger belly.. mommy start to feel itchy and developed rashes in some parts of my body… hehe..
I also often wake up for some reasons during my sleep.. Those make it feels more and more real.. it’s beautiful! the fact that you happen.. is beautiful..


We just want you to grow optimal,, be safe there.. til the right time.. okay… Bismillah.. πŸ™‚
Thank you Allah..

dear, my dearest..

12 Jul

The moment when people find their soulmate perhaps be the moment they waiting for the most… and who knows when it will come..
They could be someone we knew for along time, near us, or someone that we just met..
only God knows who’s the best for us.. so.. just feel it.. and accept it.. and of course pray for it.. and after that.. will come time to commit, fight, dream, and enjoy life together…
My aunt ever told me.. once you married, he will be the most handsome guy for you.. somehow it’s true.. the more day we spend together.. the more handsome he is for me πŸ™‚ the face I miss the most.. the more things we learn from each other.. and support each other.. the way we are..
and especially.. after pregnant.. I became more and more love my husband.. care for him.. because together we will be parent to our child/ children.. that would be so wonderful… wish our lil family journey be beautiful and blessed.. aamiin ya Allah..
In Syaa Allah..

Creating a Whole new Life!

1 Jul

soo.. starting from today.. i’ m officially ‘unemployed’ πŸ™‚
how come? because today is the first day of new semester n I took my off time due to this cute tiny little live fetus that amazingly growing inside my uterus.. Alhamdulillah… (since I wont be allowed to continue this semester because of that reason.. it’s my program study rule, quite different with another department, but that’ s okay.. means I have this time ahead to focus on you, dear baby :-))
of course there’s a little sadness that I cannot fight together again with my ‘batch friends’ (dear kokiers) anymore… but that’s okay.. it’s just matter of time and we will still be kokiers in our heart πŸ™‚
Come to think to the fact that i’m jobless now.. I guess it’s not 100% right… because actually.. I have the superimportant job to prepare you dear baby to grow optimally inside there.. to prepare khalifa in the future (just like my fave teacher taught us earlier, oh no.. that’s so high responsibility of us (mom and dad wanna be))
beside of that, I also have to learn a lot about being a good wife and a good mom.. given the fact that never once I cook for my husband.. huhu.. so sorry dear.. It’s my time to learn and serve you better.. about many things…
hmm.. so I guess I have quite a lot of homework… hahaa.. wish I could maximize this off time to learn and prepare the best for my little family…
at first I thought i’ d be bored.. but… lot things to do actually…

love you, dear lil fam


preparing my self πŸ™‚

The journey

26 Mar

“It is a personal journey, during which you will make discoveries about yourself, the mysteries of your mind and the marvels of your body. … You will also grow as a person. …. Will challenge your body, mind, marriage, job and your whole being as you experienced feeling you’ve never had before.” -WS and MS-

Hey dear…
I’m so blessed..
What’s happening inside?
Do you feel comfortable?
Did I give you everything you need?
I’m sorry if I didn’t give you the best..
Please grow healthy, body and mind πŸ™‚
I can’t wait to see you..
Let me know what you need…
I love you.


Gejolak hormon

12 Feb

Laksana perasaan.. Hormon pun kadang bergejolak..
Gak jarang juga doi jadi kambing Hitam.. Tatkala seorang perempuan lagi Pingin Makan banyak.. Lagi jerawatan… Lagi marah marah terus.. Kadang memang ada hubungannya…
Lain waktu emang dasarnya aja begono..
Padahal dia kan maksudnya baik.. Bantu memastikan semua hal berjalan sesuai yg seharusnya…
Tp yg junior emg gak pernah bener..
Lha.. Lho.. Lagi ngomongin apa ciiiii

Kembali ke alam.


28 Apr

I knew you..

you knew me..

but we never expected it’ll end up like this.. No, not an end, but a start.. I guess.

i just felt like we’re meant to be together.. That i was directed to ‘see’ you

and it just feel right

i feel this one is right

so i Made this decision though it felt like i barely knew you.. never seen this coming..

at First i feel nothing special.. But i believe it will grow.. Sooner or later..

cause my logic is working

and I believe in my gut.. Somehow..

and of course I believe in God..

i guess one of the reasons you were there was to make me a better person .. I believe you can do it..

so.. I finally say Bismillah,, and we”ll see what happen next.. :p

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16 Feb

Apalagi namanya yaa klo bukan keledai,,
Lagi2 mengulang kesalahan yg sama,,
Di kondisi yg serupa,,
Baru sadar belakangan,,
Karma kali ya… 😁
Dasar gw once
Udah lama gak pake perasaan,
Skalinya pake tetep aja kayaknya salah

Apasih gw pagi-pagii
Wake up!!
#mendadak curcol


8 Nov

Udah lama gak nyampah πŸ˜€

Takjub deh liat orang2 yg bisa ngikutin senam/ aerobik/tari2an apapun cepet n apal aja gitu , udah kaya instrukturnya..

*positive thinking*: mungkin sebenernya mereka juga takjub sama gw,,dan mikir: ini orang saking jagonya bikin gerakan sendiri semua,, serasa dia instruktur aje,, wkwkkk..
(Kaya ada yg merhatiin aje ( `β–½Β΄)-Οƒ )

Dan di sela2 aero-dance,,,
Tadi instrukturnya sempet liat ke arah gw, sambil ngacungin jari angka 1 gitu,, di pikiran gw malah mgkn dia mau ngomong: Plis deh mba, ada satu gerakan aja minimal yang bener.. Hahaa.. Atau jangan2 dia malah lagi ngomong sama seseorang yg gak keliatan ama gw… Hiyyy

Hahaaa.. Apasihh malem2 nganeh
Zzzzzz… Zzz… Zzzzzzz…..


to Remember,,

29 Sep

I suddenly woke up
and got this weird feeling..
Please, Allah, let it just be a feeling.. A bad one..
Don’t make it real soon..
For I don’t think I could handle..
And I’m not ready yet…
I know I don’t deserve to ask You this much..
But I’m begging You, Allah..
Thee (alone) we worship; Thee (alone) we ask for help..
Please show me the right path,,